Casing, Tubing & Line Pipe Gauges for Oil Industry

Casing, Tubing & Line Pipe Threads are designed by American Petroleum Institute (API) and are used in oil rigs and petroleum pipe lines.

Specification:  API 5 B- 1988

Manufacturing Range: 
Line Pipe Taper Thread Plugs & Rings - Diameter 1/4" to 12D.
Casing Short & Long round Taper Thread Plugs & Rings Gauges - Diameter 4.1/2" to 13.3/8"   TPI 8.
Non- Upset Tubing (TBG)  Taper Thread Plugs & Rings Gauges - Diameter 1.050" to 4.1/2".
External Upset Tubing Taper Thread Plugs & Rings Gauges - Diameter 1.050" to 4.1/2".

Integral Joint Tubing Thread Gauges can be supplied, if requested.

For more Technical Details on these Threads download, Technical Information sheet  from link given below.

For How to use gauges - Download Gauge users Manual from link given below - under development.

Technical Information Sheet